Healthy Minds & Healthy Bodies

RDF provides every student in our schools with the following:

Midday Meals
RDF believes that every student requires a healthy body to have a healthy mind. Every day, schools provide a nutritious mid-day meal which comprises rice, daal (lentils) and one vegetable curry. Students may have as many servings as they like. The meal environment is also very important to RDF. Staff and older students take turns serving and ensure that not a single grain of rice is wasted. Everyone — from the senior teachers to the nursery students — eats together in the same area and starts the meal with a Sanskrit thanksgiving chant.


Each student is provided two sets of uniforms every 18 months. The idea of the uniform is to promote equality amongst all students and reduce unnecessary distractions and comparisons. Cleanliness and hygiene are also promoted through daily uniform checks.

Every year, students receive textbooks for all their subjects (including Maths, social science, languages, science, etc). One set of notebooks is also included for each subject. The textbooks follow the Telugu Medium Andhra Pradesh Secondary School Certificate (SSC). This year, Kalleda School and Matendla School received textbooks in English. Textbooks were donated by Orient Blackswan. In Kalleda School, textbooks and content were specifically created by the team at Silver Oaks Schools who have provided a specialized, contextual and integrated curriculum for primary school.