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RDF Kalleda School
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RDF Kalleda School

Village: Kalleda
Mandal: Parvatagiri
District: Warangal
Established: 1996
No. of classes: LKG – 10th
Total no. of students: 616; 350 boys, 266 girls

Kalleda is RDF’s flagship school. Housed in the former estate of the Errabelli family, the school combines high academic standards with extra-curricular activities such as sports, cultural activities and a working farm.

The school exemplifies RDF’s emphasis on preparing students for the modern workplace while respecting their cultural heritage. Students are farming paddy vegetables with organic fertilizers, and the resulting crops are used for their mid-day meals. On the same campus, a computer lab lets rural student children learn the Internet and computer skills vital for modern careers.

Kalleda’s success is seen in the national, state and district competitions where they are winning awards at national, state and district level in a wide range of events which include – athletics, yoga, kho kho and kabbadi. Students also recently won second  place in a district level science exhibition.

More recently, Silver Oaks School, Hyderabad has teamed up with RDF Kalleda and RDF Matendla Schools as an education partner. They are helping with a non text book curriculum, training teachers in innovative teaching-learning practices. They are also helping with the transition to English medium
Students are using Khan Academy’s educational CD’s and are improving their English listening and speaking skills. Students are also actively participating a photo blog which allows them to demonstrate their creativity.

RDF Matendla School

Village: Matendla
Mandal: Chinnakodur
District: Medak
Established: 1998
No. of classes: Nursery – 10th
Total no. of students: 457; 246 boys, 211 girls

Matendla was the first RDF school to be built outside the Warangal district. In a decade, it has grown from a small primary school “under the trees” to a new building offering up to 10th grade instruction.

Earlier this year, the school started construction of a new block which will house additional classrooms, science and computer labs and a dining hall. Funding was received from Kapil Education Trust.

Matendla’s headmaster N. Vishnu Murthy is a proactive leader who leads by example. The school is proud of its sporting achievements – four girl students have been selected to participate in – Kabaddi, Kho Kho, volley ball and atheletics – at district level. Some students have gone on to participate in basket ball and kho kho at the more competitive state level. Four former students have been selected to attend specialist sports schools. This year, the school won more glory by 2 girl students achieving Gold and Silver in Karate at National Level. They will soon travel to Nepal for an international meet.

Students in the school are also involved in a UNICEF program which aims to create awareness of challenges in rural areas and mobilizing the local community to create change.

Additionally, Kapil Education Trust is giving direction to create a self-sustainability plan in a period of three years. They have also assisted with donating a school bus and a water plant.

RDF Redlawada School

Redlawada School Building
Village: Redlawada
Mandal: Nekonda
District: Warangal
Established: 2005
No. of classes: Nursery – 7th
Total no. of students: 217; 116 boys, 101 girls

Redlawada is proud it’s been able to reduce the cost of its midday meal by $6 USD a week. Students and staff are making good use of their newly acquired garden, which supplies tomatoes, gourds and greens for their own meals while all remaining vegetables are sold to other RDF schools. Nothing is ever wasted. Ash from the wood-burning fire that cooks their meals is used to fertilize the soil.

There is great news to share on the infrastructure front. Cognizant Foundation has generously donated a library consisting of academic and non academic books to enrich students’ reading experience. The teachers are also beginning to use these new books as reference material to enhance their lessons.

Cognizant has also donated to build new rooms and improve the computer department. The school also received a grant from the Australian Consulate’s Direct Aid Program to construct toilets for staff and students. In addition, RDF was able to secure funding from the founding family’s network of well wishers to complete a new school block with 10 rooms. In September, phase 2 of the construction also commenced, which will add a dining hall and store room on the ground floor and 3 additional rooms on the first floor. Three toilets and urinals will also be added to the existing block. top

RDF Rollakal School

Rollakal School Building
Village: Rollakal
Mandal: Parvatagiri
District: Warangal
Established: 2006
No. of classes: Nursery – 8th
Total no. of students: 231; 98 boys, 133 girls

Rollakal School (formerly Wadlakonda School) was previously being held at a dilapidated former estate in the village of Wadlakonda. With some parts of the building unsound, classes were taking place outside. But members of the founding family went out of their way to purchase an area of land to construct a new building.

Further good news came in the form of a construction grant by the international IT services organisation, Infor, and its employees. The entire cost of construction, including site design, contractor and vendor relationships, site visits and painting of the school was done by Infor employees.

The school was inaugurated in January 2013! With this, another RDF dream has come true. The new construction also heralds a period of change for a school, a new challenge that everyone is ready for.

The school has begun transition to English medium using the Silver Oaks curriculum for Nursery – Class 3. A sports teacher has also been hired, so that traditional sports and games can be brought in.

In July 2013, the school received a grant from Invensys to start construction of a dining room shed. This is yet another milestone for RDF in it’s partnerships for growth. The school is ready for the next era of change!


RDF Vanitha Achuta Pai Vidyalaya Junior College

Village: Kalleda
Mandal: Parvatagiri
District: Warangal
Established: 2007
Courses offered: MPC, BPC, CEC
Total no. of students: 174; 95 boys, 79 girls

The Junior College is best known for its excellence in archery, after one of its former students shot to fame in the 2007 Asian Junior Championships and the 2008 Beijing Olympics Students can be seen practising their archery skills in the grounds in the early morning and later afternoon, before and after classes and when dusk falls they retire inside to clean and sharpen their arrows to ensure they remain in tip-top condition. Their perseverance pays dividends because students win regular awards at both state and national events. The college coach is Mr. Prabir Das from Calcutta. He started coaching in 1975 and is a national champion who has coached Dola Benarj who represented India in 2004 & 2008 and Rahul Benarji who played in the Commonwealth Games and Asian Games in 2010. In the past 2 years, S. Lavanya has won acclaim for the Junior College and RDF by winning National Gold and then being part of a National camp in Archery, thereafter attending an Archery Meet in Seoul, South Korea. In Seoul, she received training for former Olympic champions at the Olympic Stadium.

This is an English and Telugu medium college which attracts students from the surrounding districts. The fifteen lecturers at the College are all post-graduates. Courses offered include specializations in MPC (Maths, Physics, and Chemistry), BPC (Biology, Physics, and Chemistry) and CEC (Civics, Economics, and Commerce).

The College is proud of its contact with parents who are kept informed about their children’s progress through both telephone and text messaging.

Washington University in St Louis started the Village India Program with the Junior College in 2007, which takes place every summer when students from Wash U come and teach extra-curricular courses such as journalism, photo-blogging, and interview skills.